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Plants of Fernkloof.

The recently-published Red List of South African Plants 2009 gives the conservation status of all 20456 indigenous species in the country. Most are labeled LC(Least Concern) as their existence is not threatened. However 4809 species are threatened to some degree and have been accorded the appropriate conservation status. The list will be updated at six-monthly intervals on the SANBI(South African National Biodiversity Institute) website The most threatened plants in Fernkloof have been highlighted as follows:-
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list CR(Critically Endangered) A taxon is Critically Endangered when the best available evidence indicates that it meets any of the five IUCN criteria for Critically Endangered and is therefore facing an extreme high risk of extinction in the wild.
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list EN(Endangered) A taxon is Endangered when the best available evidence indicates that it meets any of the five IUCN criteria for Endangered and is therefore facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list VU(Vulnerable) A taxon is Vulnerable when the best available evidence indicates that it meets any of the five IUCN criteria for Vulnerable and is therefore facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.
Listed on Red data list Rare A taxon is Rare when it meets any of the four South African criteria for Rarity, but it is not exposed to any direct or plausible potential threat and do not qualify for a category of threat according to the five IUCN criteria.

Botanical name Family Description Common name Count
Acmadenia obtusata Rutaceae Description Duinebuchu 1
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Acrolophia bolusii Orchidaceae 2
Acrolophia lamellata Orchidaceae Description Brown Orchid 3
Acrolophia micrantha Orchidaceae Description 4
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Acrolophia ustulata Orchidaceae Description Black Orchid 5
Acrosanthes teretifolia Aizoaceae Description Spekvygie 6
Adenandra brachyphylla Rutaceae Description 7
Adenandra uniflora Rutaceae Description China Flower, Kommetjie Teewater 8
Adenandra villosa Rutaceae Description 9
Adenandra viscida Rutaceae Description Porseleinblom 10
Adenocline pauciflora Euphorbiaceae 11
Adenogramma glomerata Molluginaceae 12
Adenogramma lichtensteiniana Molluginaceae Description 13
Adiantum raddianum Pteridaceae Description Maidenhair Fern 14
Adromischus caryophyllaceus Crassulaceae Description Nentabos 15
Agapanthus africanus Agapanthaceae Description Bloulelie, Dwarf Agapanthus 16
Agathosma bifida Rutaceae Description 17
Agathosma capensis Rutaceae Description Boegoe 18
Agathosma ciliaris Rutaceae Description 19
Agathosma geniculata Rutaceae 20
Agathosma imbricata Rutaceae Description Sandboegoe, Sand Buchu 21
Agathosma rosmarinifolia Rutaceae 22
Agathosma serpyllaceae Rutaceae Description 23
Exotic Taxa Aira cupaniana Poaceae 24
Aizoon rigidum Aizoaceae Description Skaapvygie 25
Aizoon sarmentosum Aizoaceae Description Spekvygie 26
Albuca cooperi Hyacinthaceae Description 27
Albuca fragrans Hyacinthaceae Description Slime Lily, Slymlelie 28
Albuca juncifolia Hyacinthaceae Description 29
Albuca maxima Hyacinthaceae Description Geldbeursie, Soldier-in-a-box 30
Alectra sessiliflora var. sessiliflora Orobanchaceae Description Yellow Witchweed, Verfblommetjie 31
Aloe succotrina Asphodelaceae Description Bergaalwyn 32
Amaryllis belladonna Amaryllidaceae Description March Lily, Maart Lelie 33
Amellus strigosus Asteraceae Description 34
Ammophila arenaria Poaceae 35
Amphithalea biovulata Fabaceae Description 36
Amphithalea ciliaris Fabaceae 37
Amphithalea ericifolia subsp. ericifolia Fabaceae Description 38
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Amphithalea speciosa Fabaceae 39
Amphithalea tomentosa Fabaceae 40
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Amphithalea virgata Fabaceae Description 41
Anacolia breutelii Bartramiaceae 42
Exotic Taxa Anagallis arvensis subsp. arvensis Primulaceae Description Scarlet Pimpernel 43
Exotic Taxa Anagallis arvensis subsp. caerulea Primulaceae Description Blouselblommetjie 44
Anaxeton asperum Asteraceae Description 45
Anemone tenuifolia Ranunculaceae Description Syblom, Wildanemone, Windflower 46
Anemone vesicatoria Ranunculaceae Description Brandblaar, Katjiedrieblaar 47
Anisodontea scabrosa Malvaceae Description Sandroos, African Mallow, Bergroos 48
Annesorhiza macrocarpa Apiaceae 49
Annesorhiza nuda Apiaceae Soetanyswortel 50
Annesorhiza triternata Apiaceae 51
Anthospermum aethiopicum Rubiaceae 52
Anthospermum galioides subsp. reflexifolium Rubiaceae 53
Anthospermum spathulatum Rubiaceae 54
Anthoxanthum tongo Poaceae 55
Apium graveolens Apiaceae 56
Apium inundatum Apiaceae 57
Apium prostratum Apiaceae 58
Listed on Red data list Apodytes geldenhuysii Icacinaceae 59
Aponogeton distachyos Aponogetonaceae Description Wateruintjie, Waterblommetjie 60
Arctopus echinatus Apiaceae Description Platdoring, Pokkiesdoring 61
Arctotheca calendula Asteraceae Description Cape Weed 62
Arctotheca populifolia Asteraceae Description Sea Pumpkin 63
Arctotis acaulis Asteraceae Description Renostergousblom 64
Arctotis semipapposa Asteraceae Description Gousblom 65
Argyrolobium filiforme Fabaceae Description 66
Argyrolobium lanceolatum Fabaceae 67
Argyrolobium lunaris Fabaceae Description 68
Aristea africana Iridaceae Description 69
Aristea bakeri Iridaceae 70
Aristea capitata Iridaceae Description Maagbossie 71
Aristea glauca Iridaceae Description 72
Aristea juncifolia Iridaceae Description 73
Aristea macrocarpa Iridaceae 74
Aristea oligocephala Iridaceae Description 75
Aristea racemosa Iridaceae Description 76
Aristea rigidifolia Iridaceae Description 77
Aristea spiralis Iridaceae Description 78
Listed on Red data list Aristea zeyheri Iridaceae Description 79
Aristida junciformis Poaceae 80
Asclepias crispa Apocynaceae Description Bitterwortel 81
Aspalathus abietina Fabaceae 82
Aspalathus acuminata subsp. acuminata Fabaceae 83
Aspalathus angustifolia subsp. angustifolia Fabaceae 84
Aspalathus argyrella Fabaceae 85
Aspalathus aspalathoides Fabaceae 86
Aspalathus batodes subsp. batodes Fabaceae 87
Aspalathus caledonensis Fabaceae 88
Aspalathus callosa Fabaceae 89
Listed on Red data list Aspalathus capensis Fabaceae 90
Aspalathus ciliaris Fabaceae 91
Aspalathus citrina Fabaceae 92
Aspalathus cliffortioides Fabaceae 93
Aspalathus ericifolia subsp. ericifolia Fabaceae 94
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Aspalathus excelsa Fabaceae 95
Aspalathus forbesii Fabaceae 96
Aspalathus fusca Fabaceae 97
Aspalathus hispida subsp. hispida Fabaceae 98
Aspalathus intervallaris Fabaceae 99
Aspalathus juniperina subsp. juniperina Fabaceae 100
Aspalathus laricifolia subsp. laricifolia Fabaceae 101
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Aspalathus lebeckioides Fabaceae 102
Aspalathus linguiloba Fabaceae 103
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Aspalathus macrantha Fabaceae 104
Aspalathus marginata Fabaceae 105
Aspalathus microphylla Fabaceae 106
Aspalathus nigra Fabaceae 107
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Aspalathus oblongifolia Fabaceae 108
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Aspalathus psoraleoides Fabaceae 109
Aspalathus quinquefolia subsp. virgata Fabaceae 110
Aspalathus ramulosa Fabaceae 111
Aspalathus retroflexa subsp. retroflexa Fabaceae 112
Aspalathus sericea Fabaceae 113
Aspalathus serpens Fabaceae 114
Aspalathus submissa Fabaceae 115
Asparagus aethiopicus Asparagaceae Haakdoring 116
Asparagus asparagoides Asparagaceae 117
Asparagus capensis Asparagaceae Description Katdoring 118
Asparagus declinatus Asparagaceae 119
Asparagus lignosus Asparagaceae 120
Asparagus rubicundus Asparagaceae Wild Asparagus 121
Asparagus scandens Asparagaceae 122
Aspidoglossum heterophyllum Apocynaceae 123
Asplenium adiantum-nigrum Aspleniaceae 124
Asplenium aethiopicum subsp. aethiopicum Aspleniaceae 125
Asplenium trichomanes subsp. quadrivalens Aspleniaceae 126
Astephanus triflorus Apocynaceae Description Klimop 127
Athanasia crithmifolia Asteraceae Draadblaar, Klaaslouwbos 128
Athanasia dentata Asteraceae Description 129
Athanasia trifurcata Asteraceae Description Klaaslouwbos 130
Athrixia heterophylla Asteraceae Boesmanstee 131
Atriplex patula subsp. austro-africana Chenopodiaceae 132
Atriplex semibaccata Chenopodiaceae 133
Aulax umbellata Proteaceae Description Broad-leaf Featherbush, 134
Exotic Taxa Avena sativa Poaceae 135
Babiana ambigua Iridaceae Description Bobbejaantjie 136
Babiana nana var. maculata Iridaceae 137
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Babiana purpurea Iridaceae Description 138
Baeometra uniflora Colchicaceae Description Beetle Lily 139
Bartholina burmanniana Orchidaceae Description Spider Orchid, Spinnekopblom 140
Bartholina etheliae Orchidaceae Description 141
Bartramia capensis Bartramiaceae 142
Bartsia trixago Orobanchaceae Description 143
Bassia diffusa Chenopodiaceae Description Soutbossie 144
Berkheya armata Asteraceae Description Vlaktedissel, Vlaktedoring 145
Berkheya barbata Asteraceae Description Wild Thistle 146
Berkheya herbacea Asteraceae 147
Berzelia abrotanoides Bruniaceae Description Fonteinbos, Rooibeentjies 148
Berzelia albiflora Bruniaceae Description Koffiebos 149
Berzelia alopecuroides Bruniaceae Description Red Berries 150
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Berzelia incurva Bruniaceae Description Klipknopbossie 151
Berzelia lanuginosa Bruniaceae Description Kolkol, Vleiknoppiesbos 152
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Berzelia rubra Bruniaceae 153
Berzelia squarrosa Bruniaceae Description Spider Bush 154
Blechnum attenuatum Blechnaceae Description 155
Blechnum capense Blechnaceae 156
Blechnum punctulatum var. punctulatum Blechnaceae Description 157
Blechnum tabulare Blechnaceae Description 158
Bobartia filiformis Iridaceae Description Rush Lily, Blombiesie 159
Listed on Red data list Bobartia gladiata subsp. gladiata Iridaceae Description 160
Bobartia gladiata subsp. teres Iridaceae 161
Bobartia indica Iridaceae Description Biesroei 162
Bobartia longicyma subsp. magna Iridaceae Description Grootbiesie 163
Bolusafra bituminosa Fabaceae 164
Bonatea speciosa Orchidaceae Description Green Wood Orchid, Oktoberlelie 165
Brabejum stellatifolium Proteaceae Description Wild Almond, Wilde Amandel 166
Brachycarpaea juncea Brassicaceae 167
Brachylaena neriifolia Asteraceae Description Water Witels 168
Brachysiphon acutus Penaeaceae 169
Listed on Red data list Brachysiphon rupestris Penaeaceae 170
Briza maxima Poaceae 171
Briza minor Poaceae 172
Exotic Taxa Bromus diandrus Poaceae 173
Brunia cordata Bruniaceae Description Streambush 174
Brunia laevis Bruniaceae Description Vaalstompie, Vaaltol 175
Brunia microphylla Bruniaceae Description False Cedar 176
Brunia monogyna Bruniaceae 177
Brunia noduliflora Bruniaceae Description Fonteinbossie, Stompie, Volstruisies 178
Brunia paleacea Bruniaceae Description Bergstompie 179
Brunsvigia orientalis Amaryllidaceae Description Candelabra Flower, Perdespookbossie 180
Bryomorphe aretioides Asteraceae Description 181
Bulbine annua Asphodelaceae Kopieva 182
Bulbine cepacea Asphodelaceae 183
Bulbine favosa Asphodelaceae 184
Bulbine frutescens Asphodelaceae 185
Bulbine lagopus Asphodelaceae Description Geelkatstert 186
Bulbinella trinervis Asphodelaceae Description Katstert 187
Caesia contorta Hemerocallidaceae 188
Calopsis membranacea Restionaceae 189
Campylopus introflexus Dicranaceae 190
Campylostachys cernua Stilbaceae 191
Capeobolus brevicaulis Cyperaceae 192
Capeochloa cincta Poaceae 193
Carex clavata Cyperaceae 194
Carpacoce heteromorpha Rubiaceae 195
Carpacoce spermacocea subsp. spermacocea Rubiaceae 196
Carpacoce vaginellata Rubiaceae 197
Carpanthea pomeridiana Mesembryanthemaceae Vetkousie 198
Carpha capitellata Cyperaceae 199
Carpha glomerata Cyperaceae Vleibiesie, Vleiriet 200
Carpobrotus acinaciformis Mesembryanthemaceae Suurvy, Khoi Fig, Sour Fig 201
Carpobrotus edulis Mesembryanthemaceae Description Hotnotsvy, Sourfig 202
Carpobrotus mellei Mesembryanthemaceae 203
Exotic Taxa Carthamus lanatus Asteraceae 204
Cassine peragua subsp. barbara Celastraceae 205
Cassine peragua subsp. peragua Celastraceae Description Baster Saffraan 206
Cassine schinoides Celastraceae 207
Cassytha ciliolata Lauraceae Devil's Tresses 208
Centella asiatica Apiaceae 209
Centella difformis Apiaceae 210
Centella eriantha var. eriantha Apiaceae 211
Centella glabrata Apiaceae 212
Centella macrocarpa Apiaceae 213
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Centella rupestris Apiaceae 214
Centella tridentata var. tridentata Apiaceae 215
Centella triloba Apiaceae 216
Centella virgata Apiaceae 217
Cerastium capense Caryophyllaceae 218
Ceratandra atrata Orchidaceae Description Shield Orchid 219
Ceratandra harveyana Orchidaceae Description 220
Ceratocaryum argenteum Restionaceae Olifantsriet 221
Chaenostoma hispidum Scrophulariaceae 222
Chamarea capensis Apiaceae 223
Chasmanthe aethiopica Iridaceae Description Suurkanol, Suurpypie 224
Chasmanthe floribunda Iridaceae Description Cobra Lily, Kapelpypie 225
Cheilanthes capensis Adiantaceae Description Lip Fern 226
Cheilanthes hastata Adiantaceae 227
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Chenopodiopsis retrorsa Scrophulariaceae 228
Exotic Taxa Chenopodium album Chenopodiaceae 229
Exotic Taxa Chenopodium multifidum Chenopodiaceae 230
Chionanthus foveolatus subsp. foveolatus Oleaceae Description Fine-leaved Ironwood 231
Chionanthus foveolatus subsp. tomentellus Oleaceae 232
Chironia baccifera Gentianaceae Christmas Berry, Aambeibossie 233
Chironia decumbens Gentianaceae 234
Chironia jasminoides Gentianaceae 235
Chironia linoides subsp. nana Gentianaceae 236
Chironia melampyrifolia Gentianaceae 237
Chironia tetragona Gentianaceae Sticky Chironia 238
Chondropetalum decipiens Restionaceae 239
Chondropetalum deustum Restionaceae 240
Chondropetalum ebracteatum Restionaceae Large Millet Reed 241
Chondropetalum hookerianum Restionaceae Medium Millet Reed 242
Chondropetalum microcarpum Restionaceae 243
Chondropetalum mucronatum Restionaceae Giant Millet Reed 244
Chrysitrix capensis var. capensis Cyperaceae 245
Chrysocoma coma-aurea Asteraceae Description Beesbos 246
Cineraria geifolia Asteraceae Description 247
Cissampelos capensis Menispermaceae 248
Cleretum bellidiforme Mesembryanthemaceae 249
Cleretum herrei Mesembryanthemaceae Description 250
Cliffortia atrata Rosaceae 251
Cliffortia falcata Rosaceae 252
Cliffortia ferruginea Rosaceae Glastee 253
Cliffortia graminea var. graminea Rosaceae 254
Cliffortia phyllanthoides Rosaceae 255
Cliffortia polygonifolia var. polygonifolia Rosaceae 256
Cliffortia pungens Rosaceae 257
Cliffortia ruscifolia Rosaceae Climbers' Friend 258
Cliffortia stricta Rosaceae 259
Cliffortia strobilifera Rosaceae 260
Cliffortia subsetacea Rosaceae 261
Clutia alaternoides var. alaternoides Euphorbiaceae 262
Clutia ericoides var. ericoides Euphorbiaceae 263
Clutia polygonoides Euphorbiaceae 264
Colchicum eucomoides Colchicaceae Description Cup and Saucer, Men-in-a-boat , Patrysblom 265
Coleonema album Rutaceae Klipboegoe, Cape May 266
Colpoon compressum Santalaceae Description Cape Sumach 267
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Colpoon speciosum Santalaceae 268
Commelina africana var. africana Commelinaceae Wandering Jew 269
Exotic Taxa Commelina erecta Commelinaceae 270
Conicosia pugioniformis Mesembryanthemaceae 271
Exotic Taxa Convolvulus arvensis Convolvulaceae 272
Corymbium africanum subsp. scabridum var. scabridum Asteraceae Description Heuningbossie, Plampers 273
Corymbium africanum subsp. scabridum var. gramineum Asteraceae Description Heuningbossie, Plampers 274
Corymbium congestum Asteraceae Description Vingerhoed 275
Corymbium cymosum Asteraceae Description Heuningbos 276
Corymbium glabrum var. glabrum Asteraceae Description 277
Corymbium villosum Asteraceae Description Heuningbossie 278
Cotula ceniifolia Asteraceae 279
Cotula coronopifolia Asteraceae Gansgras 280
Cotula turbinata Asteraceae Description Buttons, Knoppies, Ganskos 281
Cotula vulgaris Asteraceae 282
Cotyledon orbiculata var. orbiculata Crassulaceae Description Varkoor, Pig's Ear 283
Crassula biplanata Crassulaceae Description Klipblom 284
Crassula campestris Crassulaceae Description 285
Crassula capensis var. capensis Crassulaceae Cape Snowdrop 286
Crassula ciliata Crassulaceae Description 287
Crassula coccinea Crassulaceae Description Klipblom, Red Crassula 288
Crassula decumbens var. decumbens Crassulaceae Description 289
Crassula dichotoma Crassulaceae Description Orange Crassula 290
Crassula ericoides subsp. ericoides Crassulaceae Description Karkai, Malmeidbossie 291
Crassula expansa subsp. filicaulis Crassulaceae Description 292
Crassula fascicularis Crassulaceae Description White Crassula, Klipblom 293
Crassula filiformis Crassulaceae 294
Crassula flava Crassulaceae Description 295
Crassula glomerata Crassulaceae Description Brakvygie 296
Crassula natans var. natans Crassulaceae Description Watergrass Crassula 297
Crassula nudicaulis var. nudicaulis Crassulaceae 298
Crassula obtusa Crassulaceae 299
Crassula pellucida subsp. pellucida Crassulaceae 300
Crassula rupestris subsp. rupestris Crassulaceae 301
Crassula thunbergiana subsp. thunbergiana Crassulaceae 302
Cullumia setosa var. microcephala Asteraceae Description Steekhaarbos 303
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Cullumia squarrosa Asteraceae Description Snake Thistle, Coastal Bush Thistle, Steekhaarbos 304
Cunonia capensis Cunoniaceae Description Butterspoon Tree, Rooiels 305
Curio repens Asteraceae 306
Curtisia dentata Cornaceae Description Assegai Tree 307
Cuscuta angulata Convolvulaceae 308
Cyanella hyacinthoides Tecophilaeaceae Description Lady's Hand, Raaptol 309
Cyanella lutea Tecophilaeaceae Description Lady's Hand, Raaptol 310
Cyathocoma hexandra Cyperaceae 311
Cyclopia genistoides var. genistoides Fabaceae Heuning Tee, Honey Tea 312
Cymbopogon marginatus Poaceae 313
Cynanchum africanum Apocynaceae Description 314
Cynanchum obtusifolium Apocynaceae Description Monkey Rope, Melktou 315
Cynodon dactylon Poaceae 316
Exotic Taxa Cynosurus echinatus Poaceae 317
Cyperus rotundus subsp. rotundus Cyperaceae 318
Cyperus textilis Cyperaceae 319
Cyperus thunbergii Cyperaceae 320
Cyphia campestris var. campestris Lobeliaceae 321
Cyphia digitata Lobeliaceae 322
Cyphia linarioides Lobeliaceae 323
Cyphia phyteuma var. phyteuma Lobeliaceae 324
Cyphia volubilis Lobeliaceae Description Klimop 325
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Cyrtanthus carneus Amaryllidaceae Description 326
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Cyrtanthus leucanthus Amaryillidaceae Description Witbergpypie, Witvuurlelie 327
Cyrtanthus ventricosus Amaryllidaceae Description Vuurlelie, Fire Lily 328
Cyrtomium micropterum Dryopteridaceae 329
Cysticapnos cracca Fumariaceae 330
Cysticapnos vesicaria Fumariaceae Klappertjies 331
Cytinus sanguineus Cytinaceae 332
Dasispermum suffruticosum Apiaceae Sea Parsley 333
Exotic Taxa Datura ferox Solanaceae 334
Delosperma guthriei Mesembryanthemaceae 335
Dianthus albens Caryophyllaceae 336
Diascia diffusa Scrophulariaceae 337
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Diastella divaricata subsp. montana Proteaceae Description 338
Dicerothamnus rhinocerotis Asteraceae 339
Dicranoloma billardieri Dricanaceae 340
Didelta carnosa Asteraceae Description Kusslaaibos 341
Didymodoxa capensis var. capensis Urticaceae 342
Dilatris pillansii Haemodoraceae Description Rooiwortel 343
Dilatris viscosa Haemodoraceae Description 344
Dimorphotheca acutifolia Asteraceae 345
Dimorphotheca fruticosa Asteraceae Rankbietou 346
Dimorphotheca montana Asteraceae 347
Dimorphotheca nudicaulis var. graminifolia Asteraceae 348
Dimorphotheca nudicaulis var. nudicaulis Asteraceae Ox-eye Daisy, Wildemargriet 349
Dimorphotheca pluvialis Asteraceae Reenblommetjie 350
Diosma hirsuta Rutaceae Kanferbos, Wild Buchu 351
Diosma oppositifolia Rutaceae Bitterboegoe 352
Diosma subulata Rutaceae 353
Diospyros glabra Ebenaceae 354
Exotic Taxa Diplotaxis muralis Brassicaceae 355
Dipogon lignosus Fabaceae Description Cape Sweet Pea, Bosklimop, Wilde-ertjie 356
Disa atricapilla Orchidaceae Description 357
Disa bivalvata Orchidaceae Description 358
Listed on Red data list Disa bodkinii Orchidaceae Description 359
Disa bolusiana Orchidaceae Description 360
Disa bracteata Orchidaceae Description 361
Disa conferta Orchidaceae Description 362
Disa cornuta Orchidaceae Description Golden Orchid 363
Disa cylindrica Orchidaceae Description 364
Disa densiflora Orchidaceae Description 365
Disa fasciata Orchidaceae Description 366
Disa ferruginea Orchidaceae Description Cluster Disa 367
Disa filicornis Orchidaceae Description 368
Disa glandulosa Orchidaceae Description 369
Disa graminifolia Orchidaceae Description Blue Disa, Bloumoederkappie 370
Disa inflexa Orchidaceae 371
Disa obliqua subsp. clavigera Orchidaceae Kapotjie 372
Disa obtusa subsp. hottentotica Orchidaceae Description 373
Disa ophrydea Orchidaceae Description 374
Disa pillansii Orchidaceae Description 375
Disa purpurascens Orchidaceae Description Early Blue Disa, Bloumoederkappie 376
Listed on Red data list Disa pygmaea Orchidaceae Description 377
Disa racemosa Orchidaceae Description Vlei Disa, Rose Disa 378
Disa reticulata Orchidaceae Description 379
Disa rufescens Orchidaceae Description 380
Disa tenuifolia Orchidaceae Description Yellow Disa 381
Disa tripetaloides Orchidaceae Description 382
Disa uncinata Orchidaceae Description 383
Disa uniflora Orchidaceae Description Red Disa, Rooi Disa, Pride of Table Mountain, Watervalblom 384
Disa vaginata Orchidaceae Description 385
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Disa venusta Orchidaceae Description Bloumoederkappie 386
Dischisma ciliatum subsp. ciliatum Scrophulariaceae 387
Dischisma ciliatum subsp. erinoides Scropulariaceae 388
Dischisma leptostachyum Scrophulariaceae 389
Disparago ericoides Asteraceae Basterslangbos 390
Disparago laxifolia Asteraceae 391
Disperis capensis Orchidaceae Description Moederkappie, Granny's Bonnet 392
Disperis cucullata Orchidaceae Description Witch Orchid, Oumakappie 393
Disperis paludosa Orchidaceae Description 394
Disperis villosa Orchidaceae Description 395
Drimia dregei Hyacinthaceae Description 396
Drimia elata Hyacinthaceae Description 397
Drimia hesperantha Hyacinthaceae Description 398
Drimia media Hyacinthaceae Description Jeukbol 399
Drimia minor Hyacinthaceae 400
Drosanthemum candens Mesembryanthemaceae 401
Drosanthemum speciosum Mesembryanthemaceae 402
Drosera aliciae Droseraceae Description Sundew 403
Drosera capensis Droseraceae Description Sundew 404
Drosera cistiflora Droseraceae Description Doublom, Sundew 405
Drosera glabripes Droseraceae Description Sundew 406
Drosera hilaris Droseraceae Description Snotblom, Sundew 407
Drosera slackii Droseraceae Description Highland Red Sundew 408
Drosera trinervia Droseraceae Description Sundew, Klein Snotrosie 409
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Echiostachys ecklonianus Boraginaceae 410
Exotic Taxa Echium plantagineum Boraginaceae 411
Edmondia fasciculata Asteraceae White Everlasting 412
Edmondia pinifolia Asteraceae Pink Everlasting 413
Edmondia sesamoides Asteraceae 414
Ehrharta brevifolia var. brevifolia Poaceae 415
Ehrharta bulbosa Poaceae 416
Ehrharta capensis Poaceae 417
Ehrharta longiflora Poaceae 418
Ehrharta ottonis Poaceae 419
Ehrharta rehmannii subsp. filiformis Poaceae 420
Ehrharta rehmannii subsp. rehmannii Poaceae 421
Ehrharta setacea subsp. setacea Poaceae 422
Ehrharta setacea subsp. uniflora Poaceae 423
Elaphoglossum angustatum Lomariopsidaceae 424
Elegia capensis Restionaceae Description Fonteinriet 425
Elegia filacea Restionaceae Little Golden Curls 426
Elegia juncea Restionaceae Golden Curls 427
Elegia neesii Restionaceae Rough Golden Curls 428
Elegia persistens Restionaceae 429
Elegia racemosa Restionaceae 430
Elegia spathacea Restionaceae 431
Elegia stipularis Restionaceae 432
Elegia tectorum Restionaceae 433
Elegia thyrsifera Restionaceae 434
Elegia vaginulata Restionaceae 435
Emex australis Polygonaceae 436
Emex spinosa Polygonaceae 437
Empodium gloriosum Hypoxidaceae Description Autumn Star 438
Empodium plicatum Hypoxidaceae Description Autumn Star 439
Epilodium hirsutum Onagraceae 440
Eragrostis capensis Poaceae 441
Eragrostis curvula Poaceae 442
Erepsia anceps Mesembryanthemaceae Vygie 443
Erepsia inclaudens Mesembryanthemaceae 444
Erepsia oxysepala Mesembryanthemaceae 445
Erica articularis var. articularis Ericaceae Description 446
Erica aristata var. aristata Ericaceae Description Pride of Hermanus 447
Erica axillaris Ericaceae 448
Erica azaleifolia Ericaceae Description 449
Erica banksii subsp. purpurea Ericaceae Description 450
Erica barbigeroides Ericaceae 451
Erica brevifolia Ericaceae Description 452
Erica caffra Ericaceae Description Waterheide 453
Erica capillaris Ericaceae Description 454
Erica cerinthoides var. cerinthoides Ericaceae Description Rooihaartjie, Fire Heath 455
Erica coccinea subsp. coccinea Ericaceae Description 456
Erica corifolia var. corifolia Ericaceae Description 457
Erica cristata Ericaceae Description 458
Erica cumuliflora Ericaceae Description 459
Erica curviflora var. curviflora Ericaceae Description Waterbos, Waterheide 460
Erica curvirostris var. curvirostris Ericaceae Description Heuningheide 461
Erica desmantha var. urceolata Ericaceae Description 462
Erica discolor Ericaceae Description 463
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Erica ecklonii Ericaceae Description 464
Erica equisetifolia Ericaceae Description 465
Erica ericoides Ericaceae Description 466
Erica exleeana Ericaceae Description 467
Erica fascicularis var. fascicularis Ericaceae Description 468
Erica fastigiata var. coventryana Ericaceae Description Four Sister's Heath 469
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Erica filiformis Ericaceae Description 470
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Erica galpinii Ericaceae Description 471
Erica genistifolia Ericaceae Description 472
Erica glabella subsp. laevis Ericaceae Description 473
Erica globiceps subsp. consors Ericaceae Description 474
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Erica hermani Ericaceae Description 475
Erica hispidula var. hispidula Ericaceae Description 476
Erica holosericea var. holosericea Ericaceae Description 477
Erica imbricata Ericaceae Description Raasheide, Ker-ker 478
Erica ioniana Ericaceae 479
Erica irbyana Ericaceae Description 480
Erica labialis Ericaceae 481
Erica laeta Ericaceae Description 482
Erica lanuginosa Ericaceae Description 483
Erica latituba Ericaceae Description 484
Erica longiaristata Ericaceae Description Pinkies 485
Erica lutea Ericaceae Description Geelrysheide 486
Listed on Red data list Erica macowanii subsp. lanceolata Ericaceae 487
Erica massonii var. minor Ericaceae Description Houwhoekheide, Masson's Heath 488
Erica monadelphia Ericaceae Description 489
Erica multumbellifera Ericaceae Description 490
Erica muscosa Ericaceae Description 491
Erica nudiflora Ericaceae Description 492
Erica obliqua Ericaceae Description 493
Erica obtusata Ericaceae Description 494
Erica parviflora var. parviflora Ericaceae Description 495
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Erica perspicua subsp. latifolia Ericaceae Description Prince of Wales Heath, Veerheide 496
Erica petiolaris Ericaceae Description 497
Erica petrophila Ericaceae 498
Erica placentiflora Ericaceae Description Klokkiesheide 499
Erica plukenetii subsp. plukenetii Ericaceae Description Hangertjie 500
Erica plukenetii subsp. penicellata Ericaceae Description Hangertjie 501
Erica pogonanthera Ericaceae Description 502
Erica pulchella var. pulchella Ericaceae Description 503
Erica rhopalantha var. rhopalantha Ericaceae Description 504
Erica serrata Ericaceae Description 505
Erica sessiliflora Ericaceae Description Groenheide 506
Erica spumosa Ericaceae Description Swartbekkie 507
Erica subdivaricata Ericaceae Description 508
Erica tenella var. gracilior Ericaceae Description 509
Erica tenella var. tenella Ericaceae Description 510
Erica villosa Ericaceae Description Kapokkie 511
Erica viscaria subsp. macrosepala Ericaceae Description 512
Erica viscaria subsp. longifolia Ericaceae Description 513
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Erica viscaria subsp. pustulata Ericaceae Description 514
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Erica williamsiorum Ericaceae Description 515
Eriocephalus racemosus var. racemosus Asteraceae Wild Rosemary 516
Eriospermum cernuum Eriospermaceae Description Cottonseed 517
Eriospermum dielsianum Eriospermaceae Description Cottonseed 518
Eriospermum nanum Eriospermaceae Description Cottonseed 519
Eriospermum schlechteri Eriospermaceae Description Cottonseed 520
Euclea polyandra Ebenaceae 521
Euclea racemosa subsp. racemosa Ebenaceae 522
Euphorbia caput-medusa Euphorbiaceae 523
Euphorbia epicyparissias Euphorbiaceae 524
Euphorbia erythrina Euphorbiaceae 525
Euphorbia helioscopia Euphorbiaceae 526
Euphorbia peplus Euphorbiaceae 527
Euphorbia silenifolia Euphorbiaceae Melkbol 528
Euphorbia terracina Euphorbiaceae 529
Euphorbia tuberosa Euphorbiaceae 530
Euryops abrotanifolius Asteraceae Geel Magriet 531
Eustegia minuta Apocynaceae 532
Evotella carnosa Orchidaceae Description Kapotjie 533
Listed on Red data list Evotella rubiginosa Orchidaceae 534
Exomis microphylla var. axyrioides Chenopodiaceae Hondebossie 535
Falkia repens Convolvulaceae 536
Felicia aethiopica subsp. aethiopica Asteraceae 537
Felicia amoena subsp. amoena Asteraceae 538
Felicia echinata Asteraceae 539
Felicia filifolia Asteraceae Fine-leaved Bush Felicia 540
Felicia tenella subsp. cotuloides Asteraceae 541
Felicia tenella subsp. pusilla Asteraceae 542
Felicia tenella subsp. tenella Asteraceae 543
Ferraria crispa Iridaceae Description Spinnekopblom, Uiltjie 544
Festuca scabra Poaceae 545
Ficinia albicans Cyperaceae 546
Ficinia brevifolia Cyperaceae 547
Ficinia bulbosa Cyperaceae 548
Ficinia deusta Cyperaceae 549
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Ficinia distans Cyperaceae 550
Ficinia dunensis Cyperaceae 551
Ficinia ecklonea Cyperaceae 552
Ficinia filiformis Cyperaceae 553
Ficinia indica Cyperaceae 554
Ficinia lateralis Cyperaceae 555
Ficinia nigrescens Cyperaceae 556
Ficinia nodosa Cyperaceae Vleibiesie 557
Ficinia pallens var. lithosperma Cyperaceae 558
Ficinia pallens var. pallens Cyperaceae 559
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Ficinia pinguior Cyperaceae 560
Ficinia praemorsa Cyperaceae 561
Ficinia radiata Cyperaceae Stergras 562
Ficinia ramosissima Cyperaceae 563
Ficinia trichodes Cyperaceae 564
Fissidens fasciculatus Fissidentaceae 565
Frankenia pulverulenta Frankeniaceae 566
Freesia leichtlinii subsp. alba Iridaceae Description Kammetjie 567
Freylinia undulata Scrophulariaceae 568
Fuirena coerulescens Cyperaceae 569
Fuirena hirsuta Cyperaceae 570
Fumaria muralis Fumariaceae 571
Galenia cf affinis Aizoaceae 572
Galinsoga parviflora Asteraceae 573
Galium tomentosum Rubiaceae Kleefgras 574
Gazania pectinata Asteraceae 575
Gazania rigens var. uniflora Asteraceae 576
Geissorhiza aspera Iridaceae Description Syblom, Sysie 577
Listed on Red data list Geissorhiza bryicola Iridaceae Description 578
Geissorhiza hesperanthoides Iridaceae Description 579
Geissorhiza hispidula Iridaceae Description 580
Geissorhiza imbricata subsp. imbricata Iridaceae Description 581
Geissorhiza inflexa Iridaceae Description 582
Geissorhiza nana Iridaceae Description 583
Geissorhiza ovata Iridaceae Description Pienk Satynblom, Porcelain Satin Flower 584
Geissorhiza parva Iridaceae Description 585
Geissorhiza schinzii Iridaceae Description 586
Geissorhiza similis Iridaceae Description 587
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Geissorhiza tenella Iridaceae Description 588
Geochloa rufa Poaceae 589
Geranium incanum Geraniaceae 590
Exotic Taxa Geranium molle Geraniaceae 591
Gerbera crocea Asteraceae Danielsbossie, Dialsatee 592
Gerbera piloselloides Asteraceae Swartee 593
Gerbera tomentosa Asteraceae Tontelblaarbossie 594
Gethyllis afra Amaryllidaceae Description Kukumakranka 595
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Gladiolus acuminatus Iridaceae Description 596
Gladiolus alatus Iridaceae Description Kalkoentjie 597
Gladiolus brevifolius Iridaceae Description Pypie 598
Gladiolus brevitubus Iridaceae Description 599
Gladiolus bullatus Iridaceae Description Caledon Bluebell 600
Gladiolus carinatus Iridaceae 601
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Gladiolus carmineus Iridaceae Description Cliff Lily 602
Gladiolus carneus Iridaceae Description Large Painted Lady, Bergpypie 603
Gladiolus cunonius Iridaceae Description Rooipypie, Suiker Kannetjie 604
Gladiolus debilis Iridaceae Description Small Painted Lady, Kalkoentjie 605
Gladiolus gracilis Iridaceae Description Blou Pypie, Reed Bells, Sandpypie 606
Gladiolus grandiflorus Iridaceae 607
Gladiolus hirsutus Iridaceae Description Small Pink Afrikaner, Lapmuis 608
Gladiolus maculatus Iridaceae Description Kaneel Pypie, Klein Bruin Afrikaner 609
Gladiolus martleyi Iridaceae Description 610
Gladiolus priorii Iridaceae Description Rooi Afrikaner 611
Gladiolus subcaeruleus Iridaceae Description 612
Gladiolus tristis Iridaceae Description Aandblom, Vlei-aandblom 613
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Gladiolus vaginatus Iridaceae Description 614
Gleichenia polypodioides Gleicheniaceae Description Coral Fern 615
Glia prolifera Apiaceae 616
Gnidia anomala Thymelaeaceae 617
Gnidia galpinii Thymelaeaceae 618
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Gnidia humilis Thymelaeaceae 619
Gnidia juniperifolia Thymelaeaceae 620
Gnidia nana Thymelaeaceae 621
Gnidia oppositifolia Thymelaeaceae 622
Gnidia penicillata Thymelaeaceae 623
Gnidia pinifolia Thymelaeaceae 624
Gnidia squarrosa Thymelaeaceae 625
Gnidia subulata Thymelaeaceae 626
Gomphocarpus cancellatus Apocynaceae Description Gansiebos 627
Gomphocarpus fruticosus subsp. fruticosus Apocynaceae Description Wild Cotton, Wildekapok, Vleiklapper 628
Gorteria diffusa subsp. calendulacea Asteraceae 629
Grammatotheca bergiana var. bergiana Lobeliaceae Water Lobelia 630
Grimmia pulvinata Grimmiaceae 631
Grubbia rosmarinifolia subsp. rosmarinifolia Grubbiaceae 632
Grubbia tomentosa Grubbiaceae Koolhout 633
Gunnera perpensa Gunneraceae 634
Gymnodiscus capillaris Asteraceae 635
Gymnosporia heterophylla Celastraceae 636
Haemanthus coccineus Amaryllidaceae Description April Fool, Blood Flower 637
Haemanthus sanguineus Amaryllidaceae Description April Fool, Veldskoenblaar, 638
Halleria lucida Scrophulariaceae Description Tree Fuschia 639
Haplocarpha lanata Asteraceae 640
Harveya capensis Orobanchaceae Description Inkblom 641
Harveya purpurea Orobanchaceae Description Persinkblom 642
Harveya squamosa Orobanchaceae Description Jakkalskosinkblom, Orange Inkflower 643
Harveya tubulosa Orobanchaceae 644
Hebenstretia cordata Scrophulariaceae 645
Hebenstretia dentata Scrophulariaceae 646
Helichrysum cochleariforme Asteraceae 647
Helichrysum crispum Asteraceae Hottentots Kooigoed 648
Helichrysum cylindriflorum Asteraceae 649
Helichrysum cymosum subsp. cymosum Asteraceae 650
Helichrysum dasyanthum Asteraceae 651
Helichrysum foetidum Asteraceae 652
Helichrysum indicum Asteraceae 653
Helichrysum litorale Asteraceae 654
Helichrysum moeserianum Asteraceae 655
Helichrysum niveum Asteraceae 656
Helichrysum nudifolium var. nudifolium Asteraceae 657
Helichrysum pandurifolium Asteraceae 658
Helichrysum retortum Asteraceae 659
Helichrysum spiralepis Asteraceae 660
Helichrysum teretifolium Asteraceae 661
Helichrysum tinctum Asteraceae 662
Heliophila carnosa Brassicaceae 663
Heliophila coronopifolia Brassicaceae 664
Heliophila diffusa var. flacca Brassicaceae 665
Heliophila linearis var. linearifolia Brassicaceae 666
Heliophila linearis var. linearis Brassicaceae 667
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Heliophila linearis var. reticulata Brassicaceae 668
Heliophila macra Brassicaceae 669
Heliophila meyeri Brassicaceae 670
Heliophila pusilla Brassicaceae 671
Heliophila scoparia Brassicaceae 672
Heliophila subulata Brassicaceae 673
Hemarthria altissima Poaceae 674
Hemimeris racemosa Scrophulariaceae 675
Hermannia angularis Sterculiaceae 676
Hermannia flammea Sterculiaceae 677
Hermannia grossularifolia Sterculiaceae Description 678
Hermannia hyssopifolia Sterculiaceae Description Pokkiesblom 679
Hermannia joubertiana Sterculiaceae 680
Hermannia rudis Sterculiaceae Poprosies, Doll's Rose 681
Hermannia salviifolia var. salviifolia Sterculiaceae 682
Hermannia ternifolia Sterculiaceae Description 683
Hermannia trifoliata Sterculiaceae Description 684
Hermas ciliata Apiaceae 685
Hermas quinquedentata Apiaceae 686
Hermas villosa Apiaceae Tontelblaar 687
Hesperantha falcata Iridaceae Description Aandblom 688
Hesperantha pilosa Iridaceae Description 689
Hesperantha radiata subsp. caricina Iridaceae Description Windhondaandblom 690
Heterolepis aliena Asteraceae Rock Daisy 691
Hibiscus aethiopicus var. aethiopicus Malvaceae Description Wildestokroos 692
Hibiscus diversifolius Malvaceae 693
Exotic Taxa Hibiscus trionum Malvaceae Description Wildestokroos 694
Hippia frutescens Asteraceae 695
Hippia pilosa Asteraceae 696
Histiopteris incisa Dennstaedtiaceae Description 697
Holothrix brevipetala Orchidaceae 698
Holothrix cernua Orchidaceae Description Thread Orchid 699
Holothrix mundii Orchidaceae 700
Holothrix schlechteriana Orchidaceae 701
Holothrix villosa var. condensata Orchidaceae 702
Holothrix villosa var. villosa Orchidaceae 703
Huperzia gnidioides Lycopodiaceae 704
Hymenolepis crithmifolia Asteraceae 705
Hymenophyllum capense Hymenophyllaceae Description Filmy Fern 706
Hyobanche sanguinea Scrophulariaceae Description Wolwekos,Inkplant,Katnaels 707
Hyparrhenia hirta Poaceae 708
Hypocalyptus oxalidifolius Fabaceae 709
Exotic Taxa Hypochaeris radicata Asteraceae 710
Hypodiscus albo-aristatus Restionaceae 711
Hypodiscus argenteus Restionaceae Minks 712
Hypodiscus aristatus Restionaceae Hedgehogs 713
Hypodiscus willdenowia Restionaceae 714
Hypodontium dregei Pottiaceae 715
Hypodontium pomiforme Pottiaceae 716
Ilex mitis var. mitis Aquifoliaceae Description African Holly 717
Indigofera alopecuroides var. alopecuroides Fabaceae 718
Indigofera angustifolia var. angustifolia Fabaceae 719
Indigofera angustifolia var. tenuifolia Fabaceae 720
Indigofera brachystachya Fabaceae 721
Indigofera cytisoides Fabaceae 722
Indigofera filifolia Fabaceae 723
Indigofera glomerata Fabaceae 724
Indigofera gracilis Fabaceae 725
Indigofera guthriei Fabaceae 726
Indigofera ionii Fabaceae 727
Indigofera nitida Fabaceae 728
Indigofera ovata Fabaceae 729
Indigofera sarmentosa Fabaceae 730
Listed on Red data list Indigofera superba Fabaceae 731
Ipomoea cairica Convolvulaceae Morning Glory 732
Isolepis antarctica Cyperaceae 733
Isolepis cernua var. setiformis Cyperaceae 734
Isolepis digitata Cyperaceae 735
Isolepis incomtula Cyperaceae 736
Isolepis ludwigii Cyperaceae 737
Isolepis prolifera Cyperaceae 738
Itasina filifolia Apiaceae 739
Ixia dubia Iridaceae Description Kalossies 740
Ixia flexuosa Iridaceae Description 741
Ixia micrandra Iridaceae Description Kalossie, Pink Ixia 742
Ixia odorata Iridaceae Description 743
Ixia scillaris Iridaceae Description 744
Ixia stricta Iridaceae Description 745
Jamesbrittenia argentea Scrophulariaceae 746
Juncus capensis Juncaceae 747
Juncus effusus Juncaceae 748
Juncus kraussii Juncaceae 749
Juncus lomatophyllus Juncaceae 750
Kedrostis nana var. nana Curcurbitaceae Description Porcupine Potato, Ystervarkpatat, Dawidjieswortel 751
Kiggelaria africana Flacourtiaceae Description Wild Peach 752
Kindbergia praelonga Brachytheciaceae 753
Kniphofia uvaria Asphodelaceae Description Vuurpyl, Red Hot Poker 754
Koelaria capensis Poaceae 755
Lachenalia bulbifera Hyacinthaceae Description 756
Lachenalia fistulosa Hyacinthaceae Description 757
Lachenalia montana Hyacinthaceae Description 758
Lachenalia orchioides Hyacinthaceae Description 759
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Lachenalia peersii Hyacinthaceae Description Bekkies 760
Lachenalia rubida Hyacinthaceae Description Sandkalossie, Bergnaeltjie 761
Lachenalia unifolia var. wrightii Hyacinthaceae Description 762
Lachnaea densiflora Thymelaeaceae 763
Lachnaea filicaulis Thymelaeaceae 764
Lachnospermum umbellatum Asteraceae Rooiblombos 765
Lactuca inermis Asteraceae 766
Lagurus ovatus Poaceae 767
Lampranthus aduncus Mesembryanthemaceae 768
Lampranthus aestivus Mesembryanthemaceae 769
Lampranthus bicolor Mesembryanthemaceae Description 770
Lampranthus coralliflorus Mesembryanthemaceae 771
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Lampranthus explanatus Mesembryanthemaceae 772
Lampranthus furvus Mesembryanthemaceae 773
Lampranthus glomeratus Mesembryanthemaceae 774
Lampranthus serpens Mesembryanthemaceae 775
Lampranthus vanzijliae Mesembryanthemaceae 776
Lanaria lanata Lanariaceae Description Kapokblom, Perdekapok, Cape Edelweiss 777
Lapeirousia anceps Iridaceae Description 778
Lapeirousia corymbosa Iridaceae Description Koringblommetjie 779
Lapeirousia micrantha Iridaceae Description 780
Laurembergia repens subsp. brachypoda Haloragaceae 781
Lauridia tetragona Celastraceae 782
Laurophyllus capensis Anacardiaceae Description Iron Martin, Ystermartiens 783
Lebeckia contaminata Fabaceae 784
Listed on Red data list Lebeckia grandiflora Fabaceae 785
Lebeckia wrightii Fabaceae 786
Leonotis leonurus Lamiaceae Wilde-dagga, Duiwelstabak 787
Lepidium africanum Brassicaceae 788
Lessertia capensis Fabaceae 789
Lessertia frutescens Fabaceae Cancer Bush, Balloon Pea, Eendjies, Gansiekeur 790
Leucadendron coniferum Proteaceae 791
Leucadendron gandogeri Proteaceae Description Berggeelbos, Broad-leaved Conebush 792
Leucadendron laureolum Proteaceae Description 793
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Leucadendron linifolium Proteaceae Description 794
Leucadendron microcephalum Proteaceae Description 795
Leucadendron salicifolium Proteaceae Description Geelbos, Common Stream Conebush 796
Leucadendron salignum Proteaceae Description Geelbos 797
Leucadendron spissifolium subsp. spissifolium Proteaceae Description Vleigeelbos 798
Leucadendron tinctum Proteaceae Description Bergroos, Spicy Conebush 799
Leucadendron xanthoconus Proteaceae Description Knoppiesbos , Geelbos, Sickle-leaved Conebush 800
Leucospermum conocarpodendron subsp. viridum Proteaceae Description Kreupelhout, Goudblom, Pincushion 801
Leucospermum cordifolium Proteaceae Description Speldekussing, Pincushion 802
Leucospermum gracile Proteaceae Description Hermanus Pincushion 803
Leucospermum pedunculatum Proteaceae 804
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Leucospermum prostratum Proteaceae Description Yellow Trailing Pincushion 805
Leucospermum truncatulum Proteaceae Description Patrysbos 806
Lichtensteinia trifida var. trifida Apiaceae 807
Limonium scabrum Plumbaginaceae 808
Linum africanum Linaceae Description Cape Flax 809
Linum quadrifolium Linaceae 810
Linum thunbergii Linaceae 811
Liparia angustifolia Fabaceae 812
Liparia hirsuta Fabaceae 813
Listed on Red data list Liparia splendens subsp. comantha Fabaceae Description Mountain Dahlia, Bergdahlia, Geelkoppie 814
Liparia umbellifera Fabaceae 815
Liparia vestita Fabaceae 816
Liparis capensis Orchidaceae 817
Lobelia anceps Lobeliaceae Description 818
Lobelia chamaepitys Lobeliaceae Wild Lobelia 819
Lobelia comosa Lobeliaceae 820
Lobelia coronopifolia Lobeliaceae Description 821
Lobelia erinus Lobeliaceae Description 822
Lobelia jasionoides Lobeliaceae Description 823
Lobelia pinifolia Lobeliaceae Description 824
Lobelia pubescens Lobeliaceae Description 825
Lobelia setacea var. setacea Lobeliaceae Description 826
Lobostemon fruticosus Boraginaceae Agtdaegeneesbos, Luibos 827
Lobostemon montanus Boraginaceae Agdaegeneesbos 828
Exotic Taxa Lolium rigidum Poaceae 829
Exotic Taxa Lolium temulentum Poaceae 830
Lophocolea semiteres Geocalycaceae 831
Lycium afrum Solanaceae Kraal Honey Thorn, Kraalkriekdoring 832
Lycopodiella caroliniana Lycopodiaceae 833
Lyperia lychnidea Scrophulariaceae 834
Lyperia tristis Scrophulariaceae 835
Mairia coriacea Asteraceae 836
Mairia crenata Asteraceae 837
Exotic Taxa Malva rotundifolia Malvaceae 838
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Manulea exigua Scrophulariaceae 839
Manulea tomentosa Scrophulariaceae Duine Vingertjies 840
Massonia echinata Hyacinthaceae Description Hedgehog Lily 841
Mastersiella digitata Restionaceae 842
Maytenus acuminata var. acuminata Celastraceae Description Silky Bark 843
Maytenus lucida Celastraceae 844
Maytenus procumbens Celastraceae 845
Medicago laciniata Fabaceae 846
Medicago polymorpha Fabaceae 847
Melasma scabrum Scrophulariaceae 848
Melilotus alba Fabaceae 849
Melilotus indica Fabaceae 850
Mentha aquatica Lamiaceae 851
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Merciera azurea Campanulaceae Description 852
Merciera leptoloba Campanulaceae Description White Fox-tail 853
Metalasia cymbifolia Asteraceae 854
Metalasia densa Asteraceae Blombos 855
Metalasia erubescens Asteraceae 856
Metalasia inversa Asteraceae 857
Metalasia muricata Asteraceae Blombos, Witsteekbossie 858
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Metalasia seriphiifolia Asteraceae 859
Micranthus alopecuroides Iridaceae Description Combflower 860
Micranthus tubulosus Iridaceae Description 861
Microcodon glomeratum Campanulaceae 862
Microdon dubius Scrophulariaceae Cat's Tail 863
Microloma sagittatum Apocynaceae Description Bokhorinkies 864
Microloma tenuifolium Apocynaceae Description Wax Twiner, Kannetjies 865
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Mimetes capitulatus Proteaceae 866
Mimetes cucullatus Proteaceae Description Rooi Stompie, Common Pagoda 867
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Mimetes hirtus Proteaceae 868
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Mimetes palustris Proteaceae Description Cryptic Pagoda 869
Mohria caffrorum Anemiaceae Description 870
Monopsis lutea Lobeliaceae 871
Montinia caryophyllacea Montiniaceae Peperbos, Bergklappers 872
Moraea fugacissima Iridaceae Description Clock Flower 873
Moraea angusta Iridaceae Description 874
Moraea anomala Iridaceae Description 875
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Moraea barnardiella Iridaceae Description 876
Moraea bituminosa Iridaceae Description 877
Moraea bulbillifera Iridaceae 878
Moraea deltoidea Iridaceae 879
Moraea fergusoniae Iridaceae 880
Moraea fugax Iridaceae Description Hottentotsbrood 881
Moraea gawleri Iridaceae 882
Moraea inconspicua Iridaceae Description 883
Moraea lewisiae Iridaceae Description 884
Moraea lugubris Iridaceae Description Kersblakertjie 885
Moraea lurida Iridaceae Description Aasuintjie 886
Moraea macrocarpa Iridaceae 887
Moraea neglecta Iridaceae Description 888
Moraea ochroleuca Iridaceae Description Apricot Tulp, Aas-uintjie 889
Moraea pyrophila Iridaceae Description Uintjie 890
Moraea ramosissima Iridaceae Description 891
Moraea setifolia Iridaceae 892
Moraea tricuspidata Iridaceae 893
Moraea tripetala subsp. tripetala Iridaceae Description Blou-uintjie, Kleinuintjie, Perde-uintjie 894
Moraea unguiculata Iridaceae 895
Listed on Red data list Moraea vallisavium Iridaceae 896
Moraea viscaria Iridaceae 897
Morella cordifolia Myricaceae Waxberry, Wasbessie, Glashout 898
Morella kraussiana Myricaceae 899
Morella quercifolia Myricaceae 900
Muraltia alopecuroides Polygalaceae 901
Listed on Red data list Muraltia aspalatha Polygalaceae 902
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Muraltia bolusii Polygalaceae 903
Muraltia ericoides Polygalaceae 904
Muraltia filiformis var. caledonensis Polygalaceae 905
Muraltia heisteria Polygalaceae Kastybos 906
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Muraltia minuta Polygalaceae 907
Muraltia satureioides Polygalaceae 908
Muraltia spinosa Polygalaceae Skilpadbessie, Tortoiseberry 909
Muraltia stokoei Polygalaceae 910
Myoporum serratum Myoporaceae 911
Myosotis arvensis Boraginaceae 912
Myrovernix glandulosus Asteraceae 913
Myrsine africana Myrsinaceae 914
Myrsine pillansii Myrsinaceae 915
Nanobubon capillaceum var. rigidum Apiaceae 916
Neesenbeckia punctoria Cyperaceae 917
Nemesia affinis Scrophulariaceae Leeubekkie, Weeskindertjies 918
Nemesia barbata Scrophulariaceae 919
Nemesia diffusa var. diffusa Scrophulariaceae 920
Nemesia lucida Scrophulariaceae 921
Nemesia pinnata Scrophulariaceae Description 922
Nerine humilis Amaryllidaceae Description 923
Nevillea obtusissima Restionaceae Sprucecones 924
Nidorella ivifolia Asteraceae 925
Nidorella pinnatifida Asteraceae 926
Notobubon ferulaceum Apiaceae 927
Notobubon galbanum Apiaceae Blister Bush, Bergseldery 928
Nymphoides indica Menyanthaceae 929
Oedera capensis Asteraceae 930
Oedera imbricata Asteraceae 931
Oftia africana Scrophulariaceae 932
Olea capensis subsp. capensis Oleaceae Description Wilde Olyf, Ironwood 933
Olea exasperata Oleaceae Dune Olive 934
Olinia ventosa Oliniaceae Description Hardepeer 935
Oncosiphon sabulosum Asteraceae 936
Oncosiphon suffruticosum Asteraceae 937
Orbea variegata Apocynaceae Description Carrion Flower, Aasblom 938
Ornithogalum dubium Hyacinthaceae Description Yellow Chincherinchee, Tjienkerientjee 939
Ornithogalum graminifolium Hyacinthaceae Description 940
Ornithogalum hispidum subsp. bergii Hyacinthaceae Description 941
Ornithogalum juncifolium Hyacinthaceae Description 942
Ornithogalum schlechterianum Hyacinthaceae Description 943
Ornithogalum thyrsoides Hyacinthaceae Description Tjienkerientjee, Chincherinchee 944
Ornithoglossum viride Colchicaceae Slangkop, Eendtjies 945
Ornithopus perpusillus Fabaceae 946
Exotic Taxa Orobanche ramosa Orobanchaceae Description Blouduiwel 947
Orphium frutescens Gentianaceae 948
Orthochilus aculeatus subsp. aculeatus Orchidaceae Aandblommetjie 949
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Orthochilus litoralis Orchidaceae 950
Orthochilus tabularis Orchidaceae 951
Oscularia deltoides Mesembryanthemaceae 952
Osmitopsis afra Asteraceae 953
Osmitopsis asteriscoides Asteraceae Mountain Daisy, Swamp Daisy 954
Osmunda regalis Osmundaceae Description Royal Fern 955
Osteospermum ilicifolium Asteraceae 956
Osteospermum junceum Asteraceae 957
Osteospermum moniliferum subsp. moniliferum Asteraceae Description Bietou, Boetabessie 958
Osteospermum monstrosum Asteraceae 959
Osteospermum polygaloides Asteraceae 960
Osteospermum rotundifolium Asteraceae 961
Osteospermum tomentosum Asteraceae 962
Otholobium bracteolatum Fabaceae 963
Otholobium dreweae Fabaceae 964
Otholobium fruticans Fabaceae 965
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Otholobium rotundifolium Fabaceae 966
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Otholobium thomii Fabaceae 967
Otholobium virgatum Fabaceae 968
Otholobium zeyheri Fabaceae 969
Othonna bulbosa Asteraceae 970
Othonna carnosa Asteraceae 971
Othonna dentata Asteraceae 972
Othonna digitata Asteraceae 973
Othonna heterophylla Asteraceae 974
Othonna multicaulis Asteraceae 975
Othonna quinquedentata Asteraceae 976
Oxalis caprina Oxalidaceae 977
Oxalis commutata Oxalidaceae 978
Exotic Taxa Oxalis corniculata Oxalidaceae 979
Oxalis depressa Oxalidaceae 980
Oxalis eckloniana var. sonderi Oxalidaceae 981
Oxalis heterophylla Oxalidaceae 982
Oxalis hirta Oxalidaceae 983
Exotic Taxa Oxalis latifolia Oxalidaceae 984
Oxalis livida var. livida Oxalidaceae 985
Oxalis luteola Oxalidaceae 986
Oxalis multicaulis Oxalidaceae 987
Oxalis obtusa Oxalidaceae 988
Oxalis pes-caprae var. pes-caprae Oxalidaceae 989
Oxalis polyphylla var. pentaphylla Oxalidaceae 990
Oxalis polyphylla var. polyphylla Oxalidaceae 991
Oxalis purpurea Oxalidaceae 992
Oxalis stellata var. glandulosa Oxalidaceae 993
Oxalis truncatula Oxalidaceae 994
Oxalis versicolor Oxalidaceae 995
Oxalis versicolor var. latifolia Oxalidaceae 996
Listed on Red data list Pachites bodkinii Orchidaceae 997
Paranomus sceptrum- gustavianus Proteaceae Description 998
Paspalum urvillei Poaceae 999
Passerina corymbosa Thymelaeaceae Gonnabos 1000
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Passerina ericoides Thymelaeaceae 1001
Passerina paleacea Thymelaeaceae 1002
Passerina rigida Thymelaeaceae Seekoppiesganna 1003
Pauridia aquatica Hypoxidaceae Description Cape Star, Sterretjie 1004
Pauridia capensis Hypoxidaceae Description Peacock Flower, Sterretjie, Poublommetjie 1005
Pauridia curculigoides Hypoxidaceae Description Sterretjie 1006
Pauridia monophylla Hypoxidaceae Description Sterretjie 1007
Pelargonium alchemilloides Geraniaceae Description Lady's Mantle-leaved Pelargonium 1008
Pelargonium betulinum Geraniaceae 1009
Pelargonium candicans Geraniaceae Description 1010
Pelargonium capitatum Geraniaceae Description Kusmalva, Rose-scented Pelargonium 1011
Pelargonium chamaedryfolium Geraniaceae Description 1012
Pelargonium columbinum Geraniaceae Description 1013
Pelargonium cucullatum subsp. cucullatum Geraniaceae Description Wilde Malva, Tree Pelargonium 1014
Pelargonium elongatum Geraniaceae Description 1015
Pelargonium grossularioides Geraniaceae Description Rooirabas, Gooseberry-leaved Pelargonium 1016
Pelargonium incarnatum Geraniaceae Description 1017
Pelargonium lobatum Geraniaceae Description Kaneelbol, Aandblom 1018
Pelargonium longicaule var. longicaule Geraniaceae Description 1019
Pelargonium longifolium Geraniaceae Description Bearded Pelargonium 1020
Pelargonium papilionaceum Geraniaceae Description Butterfly Pelargonium, Rambossie 1021
Pelargonium pinnatum Geraniaceae Description 1022
Pelargonium suburbanum subsp. bipinnatifidum Geraniaceae Description 1023
Pelargonium triste Geraniaceae Description Kaneelblom, Night-scented Pelargonium 1024
Pellaea pteroides Pteridaceae Description Cliffbrakes 1025
Penaea cneorum subsp. ruscifolia Penaeaceae 1026
Penaea mucronata Penaeaceae 1027
Pennisetum macrourum Poaceae 1028
Pentameris airoides subsp. airoides Poaceae 1029
Pentameris ampla Poaceae 1030
Pentameris argentea Poaceae 1031
Pentameris colorata Poaceae 1032
Pentameris curvifolia Poaceae 1033
Listed on Red data list Pentameris holciformis Poaceae 1034
Pentameris malouinensis Poaceae 1035
Pentameris pallescens Poaceae 1036
Pentameris pallida Poaceae 1037
Pentameris scabra Poaceae 1038
Peperomia retusa var. retusa Piperaceae 1039
Persicaria decipiens Polygonaceae 1040
Petrorhagia prolifera Caryophyllaceae 1041
Phaenocoma prolifera Asteraceae Description Rooi Sewejaartjie, Cape Everlasting 1042
Pharnaceum cordifolium Molluginaceae 1043
Pharnaceum elongatum Molluginaceae 1044
Pharnaceum incanum Molluginaceae 1045
Phragmites australis Poaceae Description Common Reed, Fluitjiesriet 1046
Phylica buxifolia Rhamnaceae 1047
Phylica dodii Rhamnaceae 1048
Phylica ericoides Rhamnaceae 1049
Phylica humilis Rhamnaceae 1050
Phylica imberbis Rhamnaceae 1051
Phylica lasiocarpa Rhamnaceae 1052
Phylica plumosa Rhamnaceae Veerkoppie, Featherhead 1053
Phyllobolus canaliculatus Mesembryanthemaceae 1054
Phyllopodium heterophyllum Scrophulariaceae Description Capewort, Opslag 1055
Phytolacca octandra Phytolaccaceae 1056
Pillansia templemannii Iridaceae Description 1057
Plantago coronopus Plantaginaceae 1058
Plantago crassifolia Plantaginaceae 1059
Plantago lanceolata Plantaginaceae 1060
Platycaulos compressus Restionaceae 1061
Plecostachys polifolia Asteraceae 1062
Plecostachys serpyllifolia Asteraceae Kooigoed, Vaaltee 1063
Pleuridium ecklonii Ditrichaceae 1064
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Podalyria argentea Fabaceae 1065
Podalyria calyptrata Fabaceae Description Ertjieblom, Keurtjie 1066
Podalyria calyptrata x cuneifolia Fabaceae 1067
Podalyria myrtillifolia Fabaceae Description Keurtjie 1068
Podalyria oleaefolia Fabaceae 1069
Podalyria sericea Fabaceae 1070
Polyarrhena reflexa subsp. reflexa Asteraceae Wilde Aster 1071
Polycarpon tetraphyllum Caryophyllaceae 1072
Polygala bracteolata Polygalaceae 1073
Polygala garcinii Polygalaceae 1074
Polygala meridionalis Polygalaceae 1075
Polygala myrtifolia var. myrtifolia Polygalaceae Langelier, Septemberbossie 1076
Polygala nematocaulis Polygalaceae 1077
Polygala refracta Polygalaceae 1078
Polygala umbellata Polygalaceae 1079
Polygonum maritimum Polygonaceae 1080
Polypodium ensiforme Polypodiaceae 1081
Polypogon monspeliensis Poaceae 1082
Polypogon viridus Poaceae 1083
Exotic Taxa Portulaca oleracea Portulacaceae 1084
Prenia vanrensburgii Mesembryanthemaceae 1085
Prionium serratum Prioniaceae 1086
Prismatocarpus brevilobus Campanulaceae 1087
Prismatocarpus schlechteri Campanulaceae 1088
Prismatocarpus sessilis var. sessilis Campanulaceae 1089
Prismatocarpus tenerrimus Campanulaceae 1090
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Protea angustata Proteaceae Description 1091
Protea compacta Proteaceae Description Botrivier Protea 1092
Protea cordata Proteaceae Description Heart-leaved Protea 1093
Protea cynaroides Proteaceae Description King Protea, Giant Protea 1094
Protea lepidocarpodendron Proteaceae Description 1095
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Protea longifolia Proteaceae Description 1096
Protea longifolia x lepidocarpodendron Proteaceae 1097
Protea mundii Proteaceae Description 1098
Protea nitida Proteaceae Description Waboom 1099
Protea repens Proteaceae Description Suikerbossie 1100
Protea scabra Proteaceae Description 1101
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Protea scolymocephala Proteaceae Description Thistle Sugarbush, Witskollie 1102
Protea speciosa Proteaceae Description 1103
Pseudocrossidium crinitum Pottiaceae 1104
Pseudognaphalium luteo-album Asteraceae 1105
Pseudopentameris brachyphylla Poaceae 1106
Pseudopentameris macrantha Poaceae 1107
Pseudoselago serrata Scrophulariaceae Blouaarbossie 1108
Pseudoselago spuria Scrophulariaceae Bergaarbossie 1109
Pseudoselago verbenacea Scrophulariaceae 1110
Psiloclada clandestina Lepidoziaceae 1111
Psoralea aculeata Fabaceae 1112
Psoralea aphylla Fabaceae Description 1113
Psoralea asarina Fabaceae Description 1114
Psoralea imbricata Fabaceae 1115
Psoralea laxa Fabaceae 1116
Psoralea pinnata Fabaceae Description Fonteinbos, Bloukeur, Penwortel 1117
Psoralea pullata Fabaceae 1118
Psoralea repens Fabaceae 1119
Psoralea restioides Fabaceae 1120
Pteridium aquilinum Dennstaedtiaceae Description Bracken 1121
Pterocelastrus tricuspidatus Celastraceae Kershout 1122
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Pteronia tenuifolia Asteraceae 1123
Pterygodium acutifolium Orchidaceae Description 1124
Pterygodium alatum Orchidaceae Description Vlerkies 1125
Pterygodium bicolorum Orchidaceae Description 1126
Pterygodium caffrum Orchidaceae Description 1127
Pterygodium catholicum Orchidaceae Description Oumakappie, Cowled Friar 1128
Pterygodium excisum Orchidaceae Description 1129
Pterygodium orobanchoides Orchidaceae Description Baster-trewwa 1130
Pterygodium volucris Orchidaceae Description Groengoggas 1131
Pulicaria scabra Asteraceae Fleabane 1132
Pycreus polystachyos var. polystachyos Cyperaceae 1133
Rafnia acuminata Fabaceae 1134
Rafnia capensis subsp. ovata Fabaceae 1135
Rafnia capensis subsp. pedicellata Fabaceae 1136
Rafnia crassifolia Fabaceae 1137
Rafnia elliptica Fabaceae 1138
Exotic Taxa Ranunculus muricatus Ranunculaceae Spiny-fruited Buttercup, Pepergras 1139
Rapanea melanophloeos Myrsinaceae Description Boekenhout, Cape Beech 1140
Rapistrum rugosum Brassicaceae 1141
Reseda lutea Resedaceae 1142
Restio versatilis Restionaceae 1143
Restio albotuberculatus Restionaceae 1144
Restio ambiguus Restionaceae 1145
Restio asperus Restionaceae 1146
Restio bifarius Restionaceae Big Brown Bugs 1147
Restio bifidus Restionaceae 1148
Restio capensis Restionaceae 1149
Restio curviramis Restionaceae 1150
Restio dispar Restionaceae Vlei Giant 1151
Restio egregius Restionaceae 1152
Restio ejuncidus Restionaceae 1153
Restio festuciformis Restionaceae 1154
Restio filiformis Restionaceae Slender Stems 1155
Restio hyalinus Restionaceae 1156
Restio multiflorus Restionaceae 1157
Restio paniculatus Restionaceae Besemriet 1158
Restio perplexus Restionaceae 1159
Restio sieberi Restionaceae 1160
Restio similis Restionaceae Slender Blobs 1161
Restio tenuissimus Restionaceae 1162
Restio tetragonus Restionaceae 1163
Restio triticeus Restionaceae 1164
Restio vimineus Restionaceae 1165
Retzia capensis Stilbaceae Heuningblom 1166
Rhynchosia angustifolia Fabaceae 1167
Rhynchosia capensis Fabaceae 1168
Rhynchosia chrysoscias Fabaceae 1169
Rhynchosia ferulifolia Fabaceae 1170
Rhynchosia leucoscias Fabaceae 1171
Robsonodendron maritimum Celastraceae Duinesybas 1172
Roella compacta Campanulaceae 1173
Roella dregeana var. dregeana Campanulaceae 1174
Roella incurva var. incurva Campanulaceae Description 1175
Roella muscosa Campanulaceae 1176
Romulea dichotoma Iridaceae Description 1177
Romulea flava var. flava Iridaceae Description 1178
Romulea gracillima Iridaceae 1179
Romulea hirsuta var. cuprea Iridaceae 1180
Romulea rosea Iridaceae Description Froetang, Knikkertjies 1181
Romulea schlechteri Iridaceae Description Knikkertjie 1182
Romulea triflora Iridaceae Description Knikkertjie 1183
Roridula gorgonias Roridulaceae Description Vlieebos 1184
Rubus fruticosus Rosaceae 1185
Rubus pinnatus Rosaceae 1186
Rumex acetosella subsp. angiocarpus Polygonaceae 1187
Rumex cordatus Polygonaceae 1188
Rumex lativalvis Polygonaceae 1189
Rumex sagittatus Polygonaceae 1190
Rumohra adiantiformis Dryopteridaceae Description Seven Weeks Fern 1191
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Ruschia geminiflora Mesembryanthemaceae 1192
Ruschia macowanii Mesembryanthemaceae 1193
Ruschia schollii Mesembryanthemaceae 1194
Salsola kali Chenopodiaceae 1195
Saltera sarcocolla Penaeaceae Description VlieŽbos 1196
Salvia africana-caerulea Lamiaceae 1197
Salvia africana-lutea Lamiaceae 1198
Salvia granitica Lamiaceae 1199
Samolus porosus Theophrastaceae Water Pimpernel 1200
Samolus valerandi Theophrastaceae Water Pimpernel, Brookweed 1201
Sarcocornia capensis Chenopodiaceae 1202
Sarcocornia littorea Chenopodiaceae Description 1203
Sarcocornia natalensis var. natalensis Chenopodiaceae 1204
Sarcocornia perennis Chenopodiaceae 1205
Satyrium bicallosum Orchidaceae Description 1206
Satyrium bicorne Orchidaceae Description Ewwa-trewwa, Goue-trewwa, Ouma-trewwa 1207
Satyrium bracteatum Orchidaceae Description 1208
Satyrium candidum Orchidaceae Description Ruik-trewwa, Wit-trewwa 1209
Satyrium carneum Orchidaceae Description Rooikappie, Rooitrewwa 1210
Satyrium coriifolium Orchidaceae Description Ewwa-trewwa 1211
Satyrium foliosum Orchidaceae Description 1212
Satyrium humile Orchidaceae Description 1213
Satyrium lupulinum Orchidaceae Description 1214
Satyrium odorum Orchidaceae Description Ruiktrewwa 1215
Satyrium retusum Orchidaceae Description 1216
Listed on Red data list Satyrium rhynchanthum Orchidaceae Description 1217
Satyrium stenopetalum subsp. brevicalcaratum Orchidaceae Description 1218
Scabiosa columbaria Dipsacaceae 1219
Scabiosa incisa Dipsacaceae 1220
Schizaea pectinata Schizaeaceae Description Curlygrass Fern 1221
Schizaea tenella Schizaeaceae Description Curlygrass, Cockscombs 1222
Schoenoplectus triqueter Cyperaceae 1223
Schoenoxiphium ecklonii Cyperaceae 1224
Searsia crenata Anacardiaceae 1225
Searsia cuneifolia Anacardiaceae 1226
Searsia glauca Anacardiaceae 1227
Searsia laevigata var. laevigata forma laevigata Anacardiaceae 1228
Searsia laevigata var. villosa Anacardiaceae 1229
Searsia lucida Anacardiaceae Blinktaaibos 1230
Searsia rosmarinifolia Anacardiaceae 1231
Searsia scytophylla var. scytophylla Anacardiaceae 1232
Searsia tomentosa Anacardiaceae Description Wild Currant 1233
Sebaea ambigua Gentianaceae 1234
Sebaea aurea Gentianaceae 1235
Sebaea exacoides Gentianaceae Naeltjiesblom 1236
Sebaea micrantha var. micrantha Gentianaceae 1237
Sebaea minutiflora Gentianaceae 1238
Sebaea schlechteri Gentianaceae 1239
Sebaea sulphurea Gentianaceae 1240
Secamone alpini Apocynaceae 1241
Selaginella kraussiana Selaginellaceae 1242
Selago canescens Scrophulariaceae 1243
Selago corymbosa Scrophulariaceae 1244
Selago luxurians Scrophulariaceae 1245
Selago scabrida Scrophulariaceae 1246
Senecio abruptus Asteraceae 1247
Senecio arenarius Asteraceae Hongerblom, Lesser Purple Ragwort 1248
Senecio arniciflorus Asteraceae 1249
Senecio burchellii Asteraceae 1250
Senecio elegans Asteraceae 1251
Senecio erubescens var. erubescens Asteraceae 1252
Senecio glastifolius Asteraceae 1253
Senecio halimifolius Asteraceae 1254
Senecio hastifolius Asteraceae 1255
Senecio lyratus Asteraceae 1256
Senecio maritimus Asteraceae Strandhongerblom 1257
Senecio mitophyllus Asteraceae 1258
Senecio pubigerus Asteraceae 1259
Senecio rigidus Asteraceae 1260
Senecio triqueter Asteraceae 1261
Senecio umbellatus Asteraceae 1262
Seriphium cinereum Asteraceae 1263
Seriphium incanum Asteraceae 1264
Seriphium plumosum Asteraceae 1265
Seriphium spirale Asteraceae 1266
Serruria adscendens Proteaceae Description 1267
Serruria elongata Proteaceae Description Long-stalk Spiderhead 1268
Serruria fasciflora Proteaceae 1269
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Serruria heterophylla Proteaceae Description 1270
Serruria nivenii Proteaceae 1271
Serruria rubricaulis Proteaceae Description 1272
Sideroxylon inerme subsp. inerme Sapotaceae Description Milkwood, Jakkalsbessie, Witmelkhout 1273
Silene burchellii Caryophyllaceae 1274
Silene clandestina Caryophyllaceae 1275
Silene gallica Caryophyllaceae 1276
Silene undulata Caryophyllaceae 1277
Siphocodon debilis Campanulaceae 1278
Solanum africanum Solanaceae Dronkbessie 1279
Solanum guineense Solanaceae 1280
Solanum linnaeanum Solanaceae Bitter Apple, Gifappel 1281
Exotic Taxa Solanum mauritianum Solanaceae 1282
Exotic Taxa Solanum nigrum Solanaceae Nightshade, Nastergal 1283
Solanum retroflexum Solanaceae 1284
Solanum tomentosum var. tomentosum Solanaceae 1285
Exotic Taxa Sonchus oleraceus Asteraceae 1286
Listed on Red data list Sonderothamnus speciosus Penaeaceae 1287
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Sorocephalus clavigerus Proteaceae 1288
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Sparaxis grandiflora Iridaceae Description Fluweelblom, Botterblom 1289
Spatalla curvifolia Proteaceae Description 1290
Spatalla racemosa Proteaceae Description 1291
Sphagnum strictum subsp. pappeanum Sphagnaceae 1292
Sporobolus virginicus Poaceae 1293
Sporobulus africanus Poaceae 1294
Sporobulus capensis Poaceae 1295
Staavia radiata Bruniaceae Description Altydbossie 1296
Staberoha cernua Restionaceae 1297
Staberoha distachyos Restionaceae 1298
Stachys aethiopica Lamiaceae Katbossie 1299
Stellaria media Caryophyllaceae 1300
Stenotaphrum secundatum Poaceae 1301
Stilbe albiflora Stilbaceae 1302
Stilbe ericoides Stilbaceae 1303
Stilbe rupestris Stilbaceae 1304
Stipagrostis zeyheri subsp. zeyheri Poaceae 1305
Stoebe aethiopica Asteraceae 1306
Stoebe capitata Asteraceae 1307
Stoebe fusca Asteraceae 1308
Strumaria spiralis Amaryllidaceae Description Cape Snowflake, Tolbol 1309
Struthiola ciliata Thymelaeaceae 1310
Struthiola confusa Thymelaeaceae Soetgonna 1311
Struthiola dodecandra Thymelaeaceae Heuningblommetjie 1312
Struthiola striata Thymelaeaceae Roemanaggie 1313
Struthiola tomentosa Thymelaeaceae Roemenaggie 1314
Syncarpha argyropsis Asteraceae Witsewejaartjie 1315
Syncarpha canescens var Asteraceae 1316
Syncarpha gnaphaloides Asteraceae 1317
Syncarpha mucronata Asteraceae 1318
Syncarpha speciosissima Asteraceae 1319
Syncarpha vestita Asteraceae Cape Everlasting, Sewejaartjie 1320
Listed on Red data list Syncarpha zeyheri Asteraceae Red Bud Everlasting 1321
Tarchonanthus littoralis Asteraceae Description Kamferhout, Vaalbos 1322
Teedia lucida Scrophulariaceae Stinkbos 1323
Tenaxia stricta Poaceae 1324
Tephrosia capensis var. capensis Fabaceae 1325
Tetragonia decumbens Aizoaceae 1326
Tetragonia fruticosa Aizoaceae Kinkelbossie 1327
Tetragonia nigrescens Aizoaceae 1328
Tetraria bromoides Cyperaceae 1329
Tetraria compar Cyperaceae 1330
Tetraria crassa Cyperaceae 1331
Tetraria cuspidata Cyperaceae 1332
Tetraria fasciata Cyperaceae 1333
Tetraria fimbriolata Cyperaceae 1334
Tetraria microstachys Cyperaceae 1335
Tetraria sylvatica Cyperaceae 1336
Tetraria thermalis Cyperaceae Bergpalmiet 1337
Listed on Red data list Thaminophyllum latifolium Asteraceae 1338
Thamnochortus bachmannii Restionaceae 1339
Thamnochortus erectus Restionaceae 1340
Thamnochortus fruticosus Restionaceae 1341
Thamnochortus gracilis Restionaceae 1342
Thamnochortus insignis Restionaceae Dekriet 1343
Thamnochortus lucens Restionaceae Jakkalsstert 1344
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Thamnochortus pellucidus Restionaceae 1345
Thelypteris confluens Thelypteridaceae 1346
Themeda triandra Poaceae 1347
Thereianthus bracteolatus Iridaceae Description Somerpypie, Bloupypie 1348
Thereianthus juncifolius Iridaceae Description Summer Pipes, Somerpypie 1349
Thesidium fragile Santalaceae 1350
Thesidium fruticulosum Santalaceae 1351
Thesium capitatum Santalaceae 1352
Thesium capituliflorum Santalaceae 1353
Thesium carinatum var Santalaceae 1354
Thesium commutatum Santalaceae 1355
Thesium euphorbioides Santalaceae 1356
Thesium frisea Santalaceae 1357
Thesium funale Santalaceae 1358
Thesium scabrum Santalaceae 1359
Thesium sedifolium Santalaceae 1360
Thesium spicatum Santalaceae 1361
Thesium spinulosum Santalaceae 1362
Thesium strictum Santalaceae Teringbos 1363
Thesium virgatum Santalaceae 1364
Exotic Taxa Thinopyrum distichum Poaceae 1365
Todea barbara Osmundaceae Description Royal Fern 1366
Exotic Taxa Torilis arvensis Apiaceae Hedge Parsley 1367
Trachyandra ciliata Asphodelaceae Cape Spinach, Veldkool 1368
Trachyandra divaricata Asphodelaceae 1369
Trachyandra hirsuta Asphodelaceae 1370
Trachyandra hirsutiflora Asphodelaceae 1371
Trachyandra revoluta Asphodelaceae 1372
Trachyandra tabularis Asphodelaceae 1373
Treichelia longebracteata Campanulaceae 1374
Tribolium hispidum Poaceae 1375
Tribolium uniolae Poaceae 1376
Trichocephalus stipularis Rhamnaceae 1377
Exotic Taxa Trifolium angustifolium Fabaceae 1378
Exotic Taxa Trifolium campestre var. campestre Fabaceae 1379
Exotic Taxa Trifolium repens Fabaceae 1380
Triglochin bulbosa Juncaginaceae 1381
Tritonia cooperi subsp. quadrialata Iridaceae Description Basterkalkoentjie 1382
Tritoniopsis antholyza Iridaceae Description 1383
Tritoniopsis burchellii Iridaceae Description 1384
Tritoniopsis dodii Iridaceae Description 1385
Tritoniopsis lata var. lata Iridaceae Description 1386
Tritoniopsis parviflora var. angusta Iridaceae 1387
Tritoniopsis parviflora var. parviflora Iridaceae Description 1388
Tritoniopsis pulchra Iridaceae Description 1389
Tritoniopsis triticea Iridaceae Description 1390
Tulbaghia alliacea Alliaceae Description Wild Garlic, Wilde Knoflok 1391
Typha capensis Typhaceae Bulrush, Papkuil 1392
Ursinia anthemoides subsp. anthemoides Asteraceae Magriet 1393
Ursinia chrysanthemoides Asteraceae 1394
Ursinia eckloniana Asteraceae 1395
Ursinia nudicaulis Asteraceae 1396
Ursinia paleacea Asteraceae 1397
Ursinia quinquepartita Asteraceae 1398
Ursinia tenuifolia subsp. tenuifolia Asteraceae 1399
Utricularia bisquamata Lentibulariaceae Description Bladderwort, Blasieskruid 1400
Vellereophyton dealbatum Asteraceae 1401
Exotic Taxa Verbena bonariensis Verbenaceae 1402
Exotic Taxa Vicia benghalensis Fabaceae 1403
Exotic Taxa Vicia cracca Fabaceae 1404
Exotic Taxa Vicia hirsuta Fabaceae 1405
Exotic Taxa Vicia lutea Fabaceae 1406
Villarsia capensis Menyanthaceae 1407
Viola decumbens var. decumbens Violaceae Wild Violet 1408
Virgilia divaricata Fabaceae 1409
Virgilia oroboides subsp. oroboides Fabaceae Description Keurboom 1410
Viscum capense Viscaceae 1411
Listed on Red data list Listed on Red data list Wachendorfia brachyandra Haemodoraceae Description 1412
Wachendorfia paniculata Haemodoraceae Description Spinnekopblom, Rooikanol 1413
Wachendorfia thyrsiflora Haemodoraceae Description 1414
Wahlenbergia axillaris Campanulaceae 1415
Wahlenbergia capensis Campanulaceae 1416
Wahlenbergia longifolia Campanulaceae 1417
Wahlenbergia obovata Campanulaceae 1418
Wahlenbergia procumbens Campanulaceae 1419
Wahlenbergia subulata Campanulaceae 1420
Wahlenbergia tenella var. palustris Campanulaceae 1421
Watsonia angusta Iridaceae Description 1422
Watsonia borbonica Iridaceae Description Suurkanol 1423
Watsonia fourcadei Iridaceae Description 1424
Watsonia laccata Iridaceae Description 1425
Watsonia rogersii Iridaceae Description 1426
Watsonia schlechteri Iridaceae Description 1427
Watsonia stenosiphon Iridaceae Description 1428
Watsonia zeyheri Iridaceae Description 1429
Wiborgiella inflata Fabaceae 1430
Widdringtonia nodiflora Cupressaceae Description Mountain Cypress, Bergsipres 1431
Willdenowia humilis Restionaceae 1432
Willdenowia teres Restionaceae 1433
Wimmerella arabidea Lobeliaceae Description 1434
Wimmerella secunda Lobeliaceae 1435
Witsenia maura Iridaceae Description Bokmakierie, Waaiertjie 1436
Wurmbea punctata Colchicaceae Description Hanekammetjie, Water Phlox 1437
Wurmbea spicata Colchicaceae Description Spike Lily, Kaffertjie 1438
Zaluzianskya capensis Scrophulariaceae Verfblommetjie 1439
Zaluzianskya villosa Scrophulariaceae 1440
Zantedeschia aethiopica Araceae Description Arum Lily, Varkblom, Aronskelk, 1441
Zehneria scabra subsp. scabra Cucurbitaceae 1442
Zygophyllum flexuosum Zygophyllaceae 1443
Zygophyllum fulvum Zygophyllaceae 1444
Zygophyllum sessilifolium Zygophyllaceae 1445
Zygophyllum spinosum Zygophyllaceae 1446
Zyrphelis corymbosa Asteraceae 1447
Zyrphelis foliosa Asteraceae 1448

We have photographs of 898 plants out of a total of 1448. (All the blue coloured ones in the left column of the table)




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