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Ferns in Fernkloof.


Ferns are mostly perennial herbaceous plants. They rarely appear to have a woody stem or trunk. Instead they have stems, rhizomes, lamina axes
and veins often covered with chaffy outgrowths called paleae or scales. They sexually reproduce by means of spores.
Spores are borne in sporangia mostly grouped together to form sori. The different forms of sori are important in classification and also their location on the leaf blade or lamina.

Most species inhabit moist and shady locations but many South African species have adapted to dry conditions.

Lycopodium carolinianum
Lycopodium gnidioides
Gleichenia polypodioides
(Coral fern, Creeping fern)
Osmunda regalis (Royal fern)
Todea Barbara
Hymenophyllum capense
(Cape filmy fern)
Mohria caffrorum
Schizaea pectinata (Curly grass fern)
Schizaea tenella (Toothbrush, fern)
Histiopteris incisa
Pteridium aquilinum (Bracken)
Cheilanthes capensis
Cheilanthes hastate
Pellaea pteroides
Microsorium ensiforme
Adiantum raddianum
Asplenium adiantum-nigrum
Asplenium aethiopicum
Asplenium trichomanes
Elaphoglossum angustatum
(Buck tongue fern)
Rumohra adiantiformis (Seven-weeks fern)
Blechnum capense
Blechnum attentuatum giganteum
Blechnum punctulatum punctulatum
Blechnum tabulare
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 Maidenhair Fern - Botanical name - Adiantum raddianum - Family - Pteridaceae  1190   - Botanical name - Blechnum attenuatum - Family - Blechnaceae  308   - Botanical name - Blechnum capense - Family - Blechnaceae  155   - Botanical name - Blechnum punctulatum var. punctulatum - Family - Blechnaceae  309  Coral Fern - Botanical name - Gleichenia polypodioides - Family - Gleicheniaceae  164
  - Botanical name - Histiopteris incisa - Family - Dennstaedtiaceae  640  Filmy Fern - Botanical name - Hymenophyllum capense - Family - Hymenophyllaceae  645   - Botanical name - Mohria caffrorum - Family - Anemiaceae  753  Cliffbrakes - Botanical name - Pellaea pteroides - Family - Pteridaceae  847  Bracken - Botanical name - Pteridium aquilinum - Family - Dennstaedtiaceae  153
 Seven Weeks Fern - Botanical name - Rumohra adiantiformis - Family - Dryopteridaceae  163  Curlygrass Fern - Botanical name - Schizaea pectinata - Family - Schizaeaceae  957  Royal Fern - Botanical name - Todea barbara - Family - Osmundaceae  154




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