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Bonatea speciosa

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 Bonatea speciosa   Bonatea speciosa
 Bonatea speciosa   Bonatea speciosa
 Bonatea speciosa


Sandy soils in coastal scrub and on forest margins


Sea level to 1200m

Flowering time

June to February


Showy plants, sturdy and erect up to 1m tall. Leafy stem with dark-green, sharply pointed leaves up to 13cm long. Inflorescence fairly dense, flowers green and white. Lip deeply 3-lobed. Spur 25-47mm long, somewhat swollen towards apex. Usually highly fragrant at night. Pollinated by long-tongued hawk-moths. Bonatea after Guiseppe A. Bonato, died 1836, Professor of Botany in Padua. speciosa meaning 'showy, good-looking"

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