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Genetta tigrina

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 Genetta tigrina   Genetta tigrina
 Genetta tigrina


Total lenth about 95 cm, tail 46 cm and weighing about 2 kg. Long and slender with short legs. Off-white to bufty-white with almost black to rusty spots, those on the back being much larger. There are black bars above the shoulders and the tail is rigid with black and has a black tip. All black markings can be tinged rusty. The ears are large, rounded and mobile, and the face has distinct dark brown and white markings. Nocturnal, solitary, preferring wooded areas near water. Equally at home on the ground or in trees. They sleep wherever there is concealing cover - including ceiling spaces of buildings. Feeds on mice, insects, birds, spiders, scorpions, reptiles and fruit.

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