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Romulea rosea

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 Romulea rosea   Romulea rosea
 Romulea rosea   Romulea rosea
 Romulea rosea   Romulea rosea
 Romulea rosea


Sandy and clay slopes and flats, especially in disturbed places.


Flowering time

July - November


Plants mostly 6-15cm high. Corm rounded at base, with curved acuminate teeth. Leaves 3-6, basal, threadlike, rather stiff, narrowly 4-grooved and hairless. Flowers pink to magenta to white , often with a purplish zone around the yellow cup. The tepal lobes are yellowish-green and dark striped on the reverse. Many of the species are highly communal, forming brilliant carpets of colour when in flower. The flowers open only on warm sunny days, usually around midday. From: Romulus, co-founder and first Emperor of Rome. The genus is represented in Italy.

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