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Satyrium carneum

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 Satyrium carneum   Satyrium carneum
 Satyrium carneum   Satyrium carneum
 Satyrium carneum


Sandy coastal flats among dune-bush vegetation and coastal hills


Sea level to 300m

Flowering time

September to November


Plants robust with stout stems, 30-70cm tall. Leaves 2-4, thick and fleshy, lower two partly pressed to ground, gradual transition to sheaths on stem. Inflorescence dense, flowers large, pale to rose-pink, sometimes white. Lip somewhat keeled, spurs 14-20mm long mostly close to ovary. Pollinated by lesser double-collared, orange-breasted and malachite sunbirds, pollinia attach themselves to bird's beak. carneum meaning 'flesh-coloured' referring to the often pale pink colour of flowers

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