Fernkloof Nature Reserve

Acrolophia micrantha

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Mostly coastal fynbos vegetation on shallow, rocky, acid, sandstone soils


Flowering time

September to December


A robust plant up to 60cm tall. Leaves are imbricate, keeled, margins smooth to finely toothed. The upper leaves grade into dry cauline sheaths. The inflorescence is branched, having up to 5 branches. The bracts are less than half as long as the pedicels. The flowers are resupinate. The sepals and petals are purplish-green or brown. The lip is 3-lobed, the mid-lobe has crenulated margins and has 3 rows of erect papillae (minute fleshy and nipple-like outgrowths). The spur is saccate (sac- or pouch-like). The flowers produce minute amounts of nectar. This may account for the very high visitation rates of insects. micrantha - Greek, micro = small + anthos = flower - refers to the small flowers

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