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Disa glandulosa

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 Disa glandulosa   Disa glandulosa
 Disa glandulosa   Disa glandulosa
 Disa glandulosa   Disa glandulosa


Occasional in the mountains, usually occuring in small groups in wet moss or grass, usually in rocks or crevices


600 to 1500m

Flowering time

December to January


Plants up to 20cm tall. Basal leaves larger and spreading, remainder are cauline (arising from the stem) and sheathing. Plants covered in glandular hairs. Inflorescence corymbose (flat-topped), with 1-5 pink flowers with red spots on base of sepals and petals. Saccate (pouch-like) spur. This species is auto-pollinated by the flipping of the pollinia onto the stigma. glandulosa meaning 'glandular', refers to the glandular hairs on the plant

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