Fernkloof Nature Reserve

Haemanthus coccineus

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 Haemanthus coccineus   Haemanthus coccineus


Coastal scrub and rocky slopes


Flowering time

February to April


Plants variable in size, to 40cm high. Bulbs with thick, cream tunics. Speckled and barred stout flowering stem. Leaves usually 2, dry at flowering, suberect to prostrate, tongue-shaped, 25-210mm wide, fleshy, smooth or hairy, barred with maroon or dark green beneath, sometimes on whitish background, the margin often rolled back. Flowers bright red in compact umbel, spathe bracts erect, overlapping, bright red, stiff and fleshy. From Greek: haema, blood; anthos, flower; = red colour of flowers. coccinea = deep red

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