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Hesperantha pilosa

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 Hesperantha pilosa   Hesperantha pilosa


Sandstone soils



Flowering time

August to October


Plants 10-30cm high. Corm rounded, tunics concentric. Leaves linear to sword-shaped, pilose (softly hairy), on the margins, midrib, and secondary veins. Stem bearing a scale-like leaf, up to 5mm long below the spike. Flowers white, 3-8 per spike, opening in evening and sweetly scented, or blue to purple, opening in the day and unscented. Perianth tube 6-10mm long, tepals spreading. Bracts green. From Greek : hesperos, evening; anthos, flower = flowers of many species open towards evening. Pilose : softly hairy = hairy margins, midrib and secondary veins of leaves

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