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Romulea schlechteri

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 Romulea schlechteri   Romulea schlechteri
 Romulea schlechteri   Romulea schlechteri


Sandy soils, often along streams or in seasonally wet places.


Flowering time

July - September


Plants 8-30cm high. Corm with an oblique basal ridge. Leaves 3-6, lower 2 basal, narrowly 4-grooved, sometimes minutely hairy, 0.5-1.5mm in diameter. Flowers lilac to mauve to white, with deep yellow cup, with honey and coconut scent, tepals elliptical. Bracts with hardly visible membranous margins, inner bracts with wide white membranous margins. From: Romulus, co-founder and first Emperor of Rome. The genus is represented in Italy.

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