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Satyrium bracteatum

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 Satyrium bracteatum   Satyrium bracteatum
 Satyrium bracteatum


Habitat variable ranging from dry flats to wet marshy sites and fissures in rocks.


Near sea level to 2000m

Flowering time

August to January


Plants slender to stout up to 35cm tall. Leaves 3-8, the lowest spreading, the upper sheathing. Dense inflorescence, bracts usually overtopping the flowers, spreading and broadly ovate. Flowers usually dull white or yellowish with dark reddish-brown markings along the main veins, sometimes flushed reddish-brown. Saccate (pouched) spurs about 1mm long. Flower scent is faintly of putrid meat and plant is pollinated by small carrion flies and dung flies which search for places to lay their eggs. The pollinia are attached to the eyes and upper thorax of the flies.

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